CAR: Six deaths as fighting resumes in Bangui

MSF treats 60 wounded people, calls for medical staff to be respected

Bangui / London: Dozens of people were injured today in the PK5 and Fatima neighbourhoods, as fighting resumed in Bangui. About 60 wounded people were treated in Medecins Sans Frontieres clinics and hospitals.

MSF's SICA hospital has received more than 50 people with gunshot wounds sustained during today's outbreak of violence. Six have died as a result of their injuries. SICA hospital provides emergency and surgical care.

Five wounded people received first aid and were stabilized in MSF's Gbaya Dombia maternity facility, located in PK5. One of these people was transferred in critical condition to the SICA hospital.

Additional wounded people were treated in other medical facilities in Bangui.

As an ambulance referring wounded people arrived at SICA hospital at midday, a group of people gathered in front of the hospital doors to demonstrate anger, directly threatening the facility and blocking access to other ambulances.

“SICA hospital is one of the only hospitals in Bangui to provide free and specialized surgical care. MSF calls on everyone in Bangui to respect and facilitate the work of the medical staff, who have a duty to treat people in need of medical assistance, regardless of their background, religious or political affiliation,” said Anne-Marie Boyeldieu, MSF head of mission for Central African Republic.


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