Gaza update: Al-Aqsa hospital - at least 70 dead people and over 300 wounded patients in 24 hours

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Escalation of fighting and bombings over the past 48 hours in the Gaza strip, and specifically in the Middle Area, have yet again had an heavy toll on civilians. At least 70 dead people and over 300 wounded, the majority of whom are women and children, have been brought to Al-Aqsa hospital since yesterday following heavy Israeli strikes in the Middle Area of the Gaza strip.

While the Rafah crossing point remains closed, these repeated mass casualties incidents are bringing the health system to the point of collapse and the situation on the ground is described as “apocalyptic” by our teams.

"The odor of blood in the hospital's emergency room this morning was unbearable. There are people lying everywhere, on the floor, outside... bodies were being brought in plastic bags. The situation is overwhelming", says Karin Huster, MSF medical referent in Gaza.

Medical teams in Al-Aqsa hospital - one of the only remaining functional health facility in the Middle Area - are currently trying to deal with a huge influx of patients, many of them arriving with severe burns, shrapnel wounds, fractures, and other traumatic injuries.

"With the insane escalation of violence in various locations of the Gaza strip over the last 48 hours and while the Rafah crossing point has remained closed for a month, the health system has been stretched to the point of collapse. The situation is apocalyptic." - Karin Huster.

The repeated mass casualties incidents are unacceptable and the horrific toll on civilians shows the total disregard for human lives in Gaza. This man-made catastrophe needs to stop now.

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