Gaza update: influx of wounded at Al-Aqsa

As Israeli strikes continued in the Middle Area of the Gaza strip last night, Al-Aqsa hospital had to face another massive influx of patients. These back-to-back mass casualties incidents are stretching the hospital's capacities to their limits.

Karin Huster, MSF medical referent in Gaza, who was at the hospital again this morning shared an update on the situation.

"As Israeli military strikes continued last night in the Middle Area, Al-Aqsa hospital is barely coping with the influx of patients and dead people. “It’s a scene of devastation. This hospital is a sinking ship", says Karin Huster, MSF medical referent in Gaza.

“The scene inside the emergency room of Al-Aqsa hospital is even worse than yesterday. They had no chance to re-organise after yesterday's mass influx of casualties, and now they have been struck with another.

The situation is made worse because of the lack of hospitals still functional in #Gaza, which prevents the referral of patients to other hospitals for treatment. “Patients arriving in Al-Aqsa in critical condition, stay in Al-Aqsa and die in Al-Aqsa.”

And yet, the medical staff is saying 'we are not giving up on our patients', and I can definitely see that. I am just not sure for how long it will be sustainable.”


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