MSF UK Impact Newsletter - 15th May 2024

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Media interviews:

  • Christopher Lockyear, MSF Secretary General was interviewed by Aljazeera on the humanitarian situation in eastern Rafah as borders close.
  • MSF Dr Mohammed Abu Mughuaisib, Deputy medical coordinator in Gaza, speaks to Channel 4 news about the situation in Rafah.
  • BBC Verify release their investigation on water sanitation in Gaza.
  • BBC Newshour spoke to Guillemette Thomas MSF Medical Cordinator, on what patients are facing in the hospitals in Gaza.
  • BBC World Service spoke to an MSF official in Sudan on the conflict in El Fasher.
  • Claire Nicolet, Head of Emergencies in Sudan spoke with BBC Focus on Africa ​ about the ongoing bombing in El Fasher.


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Media Interviews

Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT)


13th May

Christopher Lockyear, MSF Secretary General was interviewed by Aljazeera on the humanitarian situation in eastern Rafah as borders close. He talks about how MSF operations are impacted.


Channel 4 news

8th May

Deputy medical coordinator, Dr Mohammed Abu Mughaisib spoke to Channel 4 news about the ongoing conflict in Rafah, while working as a doctor in the Indonesian hospital in Gaza.


BBC Verify

9th May

BBC Verify aired their investigation on water sanitation in Gaza.

Half of Gaza water sites damaged or destroyed, BBC satellite data reveals
Hundreds of Gaza’s water and sanitation facilities have been damaged or destroyed.
BBC News



BBC News hour

11th May

Guiemette Thomas spoke to BBC world service about what MSF doctors are seeing in Gaza and the types of medical response that has been needed.


BBC world service

12th May

An MSF Official spoke to BBC World Service about the ongoing conflict in El Fasher, Sudan.

BBC News Online

12th May

BBC news online report on the explosion which fell near a paediatric hospital in the western Sudanese city of El Fasher.

Sudan conflict: Two children killed as bomb falls near Darfur hospital - MSF
The battle for control of the western city of El Fasher has intensified over the last few days.
BBC News

BBC Focus on Africa

13th May

Claire Nicolet, MSF's head of emergency response in Sudan, spoke with BBC Focus on Africa about the ongoing situation in El Fasher, following an attack on MSF supported Babiker Nahar Paediatric Hospital.


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EU & UK Migration

The Financial Times


Israel calls UN a ‘terror organisation’ as tensions escalate over Gaza war




US sanctions two RSF commanders as fighting escalates in Sudan’s Darfur



EU agrees on a new migration pact. Mainstream parties hope it will deprive the far right of votes



Israeli minister attacks Netanyahu over Gaza future

Sky news

Sudan civil war: 200 settlements hit by fires since start of conflict as scorched earth tactics intensify

The Independent


Brexit blamed as court ruling leaves UK immigration policy in chaos






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